Norway wants to build the world’s first full-scale ship tunnel

The Stad Penninsula in Norway has one of the most dangerous coastlines in the region. As the meeting place between the Norwegian Sea and North Sea, the turbulent waters have claimed the lives of dozens sailors over the last several decades. Which may explain why Norway’s top coastal agency wants to dig a $272 million, mile-long “ship tunnel” to create a safer passage for commercial vessels.

Designed to accommodate ships as massive as Norway’s Hurtigruten cruise vessels, the tunnel would be nearly 150 feet tall, 118 feet wide, and more than a mile long. The Norwegian Parliament earmarked one billion Norwegian kroner, or around $118 million, for the project in the National Transport Plan for 2014-2023. Construction is set to begin as early as 2018.

I’ve been holding-off on the whole drone thing

I’ve been waiting, but I’m not sure exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Everything I’ve looked at, just seemed, I don’t know.. compromised.

This might be the one..  It’s very expensive though. $US 999, but $AU 1699!

I’m not really feeling that exchange rate calculation.. when the direct exchange is $AU 1304

C’mon DJI.. do the right thing here.. I don’t mind paying for something great, but it doesn’t feel that good when you know you’re being punked.