52 thoughts on “Contact Josh

  1. I’m in awe of Billy and his balls!!

    But really, I just wanted to ask you some questions about your Triton. If that’s ok just send me an email.


  2. I see the image you have of Bob Dylan “suckcess” on your site…I just have to have this in poster form!!! Do you know where i can get it?? Is there a copy right on it or can I get a good dig file from you to have printed…please please have to have this!

    • Hey Josh, firstly your contact Josh section needs some work, could figure out how to use it so went into and old email and did a reply.
      Secondly so you dont have 16k for a Trumpy have you had a look at the retro stlye VF750 ride away for under 10K?

  3. Sorry, we were in a massive rush, Trent had to leave for Newcastle to work and we spent way too long looking at lights. I spotted you on our way out!

    I’m so sorry, if we didn’t have to rush off we could of chatted for ages.

    Forgive me?

  4. Well, as I am a loyal viewer of joshinthecity and lily faye online, I am entitled to one stuff up!

    Can you consider this my one stuff up?


  5. Holy CRAP dude! For real?
    How old is Alex now? I can’t picture him as anything other than a little kid !!

    Believe it or not, you have interesting timing. I’m about to become a father for the 2nd time myself (due date is today).
    We’ve come a long way… πŸ™‚


  6. Hello there Joshie,

    Did you get my news I am a Mummy!!!

    Bailey Emmaline ( after my nan ) born 4 weeks ago 19/04 and is my treasure…

    I had absolutely no idea how much love you can have for another until you have a bubba.

    She is gorgeous and how are you and Zoe going with your little man, all good I hope.

    Where did Zoe get all of Lilys clothes, they are beautiful…..

    Would love to hear from you and email you some photos of my girl…

    J XXX

  7. This is the best road safety message I have ever seen, that and I love this song thats used for the soundtrack.
    Put your seat belt on…cause your in for a hell of a ride !

  8. Hey J man heres an Ozzie version thats been toned done with a better message, and still a great sound track “Every body hurts” REM.

  9. Hey Josh, I found your site somehow on google and I’ve been on it for hours now, so I felt obligated to say it’s a great website full of practical info! Please take a minute and check out my band’s page and feel free to email us with your opinion!

  10. just having a lurk after what we talked about today. ill be sure to pass on some meme’s. also just saw the foo fighters thing: fucking sick! i have a bit of a current foeys obsession and wish i had the money to see them when they were here.. damn..

  11. Thanks for posting that article about the V.C. presented by Clarkson.
    Shame it was done prior to Ben Roberts-Smith winning his medal.

  12. Heyf! It has been way too long! Just wanted to send through a big hug and let you know that I am loving your work!!!

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